Girl #9. A Short Film from STUDIO HANSA on Vimeo.

A stark, minimal story set in the one roomed apartment of a student tenant. To supplement her income she has a less than respectable job in the online sex industry. When her elusive landlord fails to fix the lighting or her internet connection, her frustration turns to fear, highlighting that nothing is private in our digitally connected world…with dark consequences.

When actress Eme Essien asked us to help with her showreel, we politely refused. We felt the world of casting directors doesn’t need another montage of footage for casting directors to ignore. We decided to treat the process as an RnD exercise and try to construct a tool to show her range.

We wanted to show how she could portray a wide range of emotions and maintain a narrative story. That she could carry and hold our attention…so we wrote Girl#9 for her.

The result is a calling card, almost like a play in it’s brutal simplicity, as an actress, Eme has nowhere to hide - she has to keep us with her…find out for yourself.

Written and directed by Nick Scott & Gary Roberts
Produced by Harriet Macdonald
Score: Si Begg

Made in association with Studio Hansa

Ella & Pitr / Le poids des choses from Sold Art - Gallery on Vimeo.

Sold Art présente la première lithographie rehaussée à la main de Ella & Pitr.
Éditée à 30 exemplaires, signée et numérotée par les artistes.
Imprimé sur une presse lithographique Marinoni-Voirin
Disponible sur

Sold Art presents the first lithography hand embellished by Ella & Pitr.
Limited edition of 30, signed and numbered by the artists.
Available on

Filmé et édité par : Benoit Roche
Musiques : Nine Inch Nails-28 Ghosts IV & Kaffé, Crème :

Merci à l’imprimeur : et au lithographe : Marc Melzassard

Merci Ella & Pitr :

Animus - Official Trailer from Jake Armbruster on Vimeo.

A godly man has everything taken from him. Left questioning his faith and integrity, retaliation seems to be the only way to ease the Animus.

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Josue Aguirre
Omar Saavedra
Andrea Savo
Cristina Mendoza
Paris Dylan
Victor Boneva
Dan Acuna
and Ray Emodi

Screening Summer 2014 

Music by Jupi/ter and Violent Femmes

Liquid Sky (1982) subtitulos en castellano